Unreal Chocolate Desserts That Make Everyone Want More

We've been there. Avoid shop items! Make these 14 insanely delicious chocolate treats! Melt-in-your-mouth delights that will make everyone say "more!"

Chocolate lava cake oozes warm chocolate with every bite. Try delicious cookies with melty chocolate chunks.

We have fudgy brownies and mild chocolate mousse.This Mini Chocolate Cake For Two with Mascarpone Cream is excellent for date night or when you want a sophisticated treat without spending hours in the kitchen.

This adorable delicacy is simple and delicious!The best Viennese Cookies or Pierre Herme Chocolate Sable in the world are made in 15 minutes with 5 easy ingredients.

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 Classic Austrian butter cookies for holidays or afternoon snacks.Perfect cake is here. This Drunken Cherry dessert is unique.

This delicious chocolate cake with Dulce de Leche, cherries, and rum will make you want to dance.

The crispy shortcrust pastry is topped in apricot jam and delicious almond paste. Dark chocolate-dipped and caramelized cashew-topped. 

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