Vitamins Not to Take Together?

You may need alarms to keep track of all the pills and powders your doctor prescribed, your multivitamin, a daily creatine drink, and other supplements. 

Calcium, Iron Umo Callins, R.D. advises against taking these minerals together since calcium reduces iron absorption.

“Research shows that calcium can inhibit absorption of heme iron, found in meat, fish, and poultry, and non-heme iron, found in plants,” explains Callins.

Ca and Mg Magnesium and calcium fight for intestinal absorption and transport.

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Yawitz advises taking these vitamins many hours apart and only if your doctor prescribes them.

Calcium is fortified in many foods and in multivitamins and healthy convenience snacks like protein shakes and bars, explains Callins.

 Zinc and Copper First, zinc and copper supplements are unnecessary for most people.

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