Warning Regarding Flour Consumption Announced

The producer has announced the recall of batches of all-purpose flour due to the presence of undeclared significant allergens.

Some individuals may have severe allergic reactions to undeclared milk and eggs, so Shawnee Milling Company has recalled 5 lb. Food Club brand All Purpose Flour.

Products with a best-before date of March 7, 2025, which were previously distributed at retail outlets throughout Ohio and New York, are affected.

The warning, which was published by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), does not specify when the product was distributed to shops.

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A picture of cookies adorns the front of the product's white and blue package. The label reads, "all purpose flour bleached and enriched."

So far, the FDA has not heard of any illnesses linked to the recalled product. 

An "equipment breakdown during production could have allowed allergen cross-contact," as stated in the announcement, led the Oklahoma-based Shawnee Milling Company to launch the recall.

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