What awaits this week? March 25–March 31 tarot horoscope

while Mercury Retrograde on April 1 adds mischief and tripped wires.

Aries tarot card this week: Five of Coins Meaning: Avoid reopening old wounds this week. Avoid dwelling on previous mistakes, regrets, and losses.

Weekly Horoscope for Aries You don't dally over decisions for weeks. You prefer swift, decisive action. Instead of worrying about potential issues, you address those that arise. 

Don't allow past relationships affect current ones. Avoid obsessing over comparisons.

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This week's Taurus tarot: The Devil Meaning: Venus rules you and you adore, flirt, and have relationships! 

The Devil is in town, so be careful before taking any lusty or seductive paths.

This week's Gemini tarot: The Kaiser Meaning: You have a secret thirst for power and dominance that only those close to you may understand

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