What Can I Do To Assist A Dog That Is Terrified of Being in the Car? 

Have you ever wanted to take a global tour with your best companion in tow, but every time you get close to the automobile, your dog gets frightened? 

A lot of dogs, from the timid ones who are just a little bit scared of cars to the really nervous ones, suffer from automobile sickness. 

The likelihood that your dog will experience anxiety during automobile rides is quite individual.  

The word "car ride" may elicit a squeal of delight from many puppies, 

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and they love nothing more than taking a trip in the family automobile.  

But for some dogs, just thinking about being in a car is enough to make them anxious and nervous. 

Nevertheless, if you approach an enthusiastic dog in the same manner, they can start whining in anticipation of the excitement that's to come. 

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