What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Humor

Cosmopolitan says Aries is one of the funniest signs. You're not afraid to be provocative or roast friends for fun.  

Your sharp, competitive humor surprises many. People will laugh (and possibly be surprised) quickly.  

If you're not an Aries, think of that friend who always has the funniest, most inappropriate retort.   

While their fearless humor might be dangerous, it keeps things lively!You specialize in relatable memes, sitcom references, and inside jokes.  

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Your humor delights in basic pleasures and shared experiences as a specialist in warm and familiar things.   

According to humor psychology research, recognizable, relevant comedy creates social relationships and a sense of belonging.  

Double entendres, wordplay, and smart comebacks? These are Gemini superpowers. You're like the class clown turned late-night talk show host.  

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