Which Dog Breeds Will Cost the Most in 2024?  

While the initial cost of a Bernese mountain dog is only $1,500, it is estimated that the annual medical expenses for these dogs are comparable to those of other breeds.

Additionally, this working dog is a good choice for a family home. The price of one will be approximately $1,500.

Hypoallergenic Lakeland terriers can be purchased for approximately $2,000 and are hypoallergenic. There was a time when they were frequently employed as farm dogs.

There is a lot of affection for this breed of spaniel. Everyone's attention is drawn to their charming and expressive looks. The projected price for one is two thousand dollars.

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When it comes to personality, these canines are typically quite human-like. When young, a Brussels griffon puppy can be purchased for approximately $2,300.

When it comes to the cost of your leonberger, you should anticipate spending $2,400. They trace their roots back to Germany and are known for their kind nature.

It is common for this miniature version of a bull terrier to cost approximately $2,500. They are typically between 10 and 14 inches tall and stand out from other types of terriers due to the length of their faces.

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