Wild Animals That Match Your Horoscope

Exploring these representations to understand and appreciate our deeper personalities is fun. 

You can have fun finding the wild animal that matches your personality and zodiac sign, even though some pairings are not exact.  

ARIES: Ram (March 21–April 19)-Cheetah The quickest animal in the world, the cheetah, symbolizes Aries' rapid intelligence. 

Wolf Wolf is a dynamic creature with strong leadership qualities, like Aries at business. 

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Taurus: Bull (April 20–May 20) Griz Bear Grizzlies like routines, like Taurus.

Animals prefer schedules, as shown by their hibernation habit. Like salmon hunters, they are patient and don't mind waiting. 

They are patient like Taurus, who waits for the ideal time to achieve a goal. 

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