Wire-Haired Dogs for Your Family

While we appreciate their crinkly coats and unique traits like bushy eyebrows, beards, and mustaches, most of these working canines were developed to hunt mice or larger animals.   

According to the American Kennel Club, their wiry coats made them more resistant to thorns and branches when chasing their prey through the underbrush.  

To learn about some of the most popular wire-haired dogs and some you may not know, we chatted to Laura Giangreco, salon curriculum project manager at PetSmart, and vets Rebecca Tremble, DVM, and Lisa Neuman, DVM.   

Wire-haired dogs range from active wire fox terriers to family-friendly otterhounds.  

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Check local animal shelters or breed-specific rescue groups for wire-haired puppies when you're ready to add one to your home.  

Wires, the more frequent fox terrier breed (the other is the smooth), are eager and aggressive hunters.   

They are lively and joyful family pets who need regular walks, fetch, and other play activities, according to veterinarian Lisa Neuman, DVM.  

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