You'll Love These Untried Foods  

Imagine loving something fresh at first bite. There are countless flavors to discover.

Many great foods, from exotic fruits to local delicacies, go unnoticed. We've listed 14 meals you've probably never eaten but will love.

All the praise goes to carrots. Parsnips are spicier. Although both are parsley, parsnips are less common. Parsnips can be roasted, glazed, souped, or stir-fried like carrots.

Experimenting will broaden your palate and spice up your meals. A devoted parsnip enthusiast said they were formerly more popular. 

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They left the mainstream—why?"Waakye is a Ghanaian breakfast or lunch dish comprising cooked rice and beans, per Wikipedia. However, some eat it for dinner.

I'm not sure how this food tastes, but it's Ghanaian rice and beans. Still, flavoring the phrase with red sorghum leaves and turning it crimson sounds great and looks great.

Relaxed Snow City Cafe makes great vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry milkshakes. But the Fat Elvis, available for a limited time, is remarkable.  

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