Your Relationships May Not Work or May Become Toxic if You Exhibit These 5 Behavior

Though cliché, "no man is an island," correctly describes human nature. People are naturally drawn to company. 

1. You have trauma or past experiences Considering past events—positive and negative—is the greatest burden we put on ourselves. 

If we dwell on past accomplishments, we may become lazy or complacent, while past failures may make us hesitant to attempt again. 

2. Your standards are high We all have basic values we want in a partner, based on our core principles.

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3. Lack confidence Low self-esteem can lead to negative actions, and confidence is desirable in a mate. 

4. You're pessimistic Previous failures and heartbreaks are tough to forget, making us wary of new relationships.

The pain of a past relationship can haunt us in a new one, threatening our chance at love.

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