Your Zodiac Sign's Luckiest and Unluckiest

There are times when life seems lucky, but hard work, smart choices, and compatible relationships define our fate.

The universe seems to support us, and all the stars are aligning. According to astrology, that's accurate! Some signs are lucky year-round.

while others are luckier at particular times due to planet configuration. This year, what can we expect? Are you 2024's luckiest zodiac sign?

A lifelong astrologer knows there's a lot to expect when one year finishes and another begins, especially the winter solstice changeover. 

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Expect the unexpected in 2024 if you made New Year's resolutions based on your zodiac and are ready for change.

Pluto, the self-transforming planet, enters Aquarius on Jan. 20 for a 20-year cycle. Aquarian themes like community, technology, social systems, and transformation will dominate.

You'll be healthy and lucky if you can live by the "out with the old, in with the new" motto.Aquarius, as you could expect. 

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