Zodiac Signs with Extraordinary Wisdom and Insight 

On the other hand, some people have what is sometimes called a "sixth sense," or a very strong link to their intuition.  

Cancer  The moon, the celestial body responsible for our most spiritual aspects, governs Cancers.  

This zodiac sign is so exceptionally gifted in developing deep emotional connections with others and comprehending their experiences.  

Species of Scorpio Many people find Scorpios to be the zodiac's most baffling signs. But that's actually what they like.  

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Pluto rules over these recognized mystics; Pluto is a planet of night and awakening. 

The sage-like wisdom and maturity of Pisces are enhanced by their capacity to absorb the energy of all the signs that came before them in the Zodiac. 

Also, the Roman god of the seas, Neptune, rules the Pisces and is a symbol of imagination, creativity, and dreams.  

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