Zodiacs On The Verge Of Breaking Free From Their Discomfort Zones 

They will start by organizing their closet in preparation for the inevitable wardrobe overhaul that will follow the innumerable recommendations of their loved ones. 

They can part with the t-shirt they've owned since middle school and the jeans with too many holes in them.  

As a sign that is innately gifted with leadership, Aries is often juggling multiple tasks at once.  

However, in an effort to break free of this rut, they are going to take up a new pastime that will put them in the position of a beginner. 

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VIRGO  Being at home, where they have complete control over the environment and everyone follows their rules, is second nature to Virgo.  

Not everyone is comfortable lounging around in such a germ-free setting, and it might grow dull after a while. 

Virgo will be spending a week away from home this month. Staying at a friend's place. 

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